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Listed here is information as currently known regarding election integrity cases et. al.

This site supports the joining of our voices together with to accomplish a successful recall. I expect the effort to begin in earnest soon. Please visit this site and read the mission laid before is by reading the below and other information on this site. I will post information as it is given me but you may contact them directly to help with the recall.

Law regarding Georgia recall.

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Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Court fighting allowing inspection of ballots. Fulton County residents, you need to vote this person out of office as law requires them to be obedient to it.

I am reviewing response from Cherokee County regarding my FOIA request regarding the election. I can tell you that I was advised by phone that the “bandwidth problem” on October 14 early voting was due to a state internet problem. So you may assume your information to vote including your address, social security number, and driver license # is available to hackers. I have a requested info from DOJ regarding the Jan 6 incident. I will advise further once that is received and reviewed.

This is an effort to recall Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, for mishandling the 2020 election, carrying election issues from 2016 until just recently referring them for prosecution, and removing public comments from the February State Board of Elections agenda.
We need signatures of registered voters in all 14 Georgia congressional districts. Due to voter registration drives, this will be a substantial number. There is a time limit for acquiring the signatures once a recall committee is established. Not enough signatures, not being registered voters, or not meeting the deadline will result in a failed attempted recall.
To make this effort successful we have to work together to have the appropriate number of signatures by the deadline. If you wish to sign a petition, circulate a petition, or are circulating a petition, please advise by contacting us. The ability to recall is almost designed to fail unless we get together and have a chairman as per the law above. I am quite happy to let someone else do that and I will be happy to assist in any way possible. We need to say, “No more!” and attend election board meetings and work as pollworkers/monitors. Contact your county election office to do that. President Trump’s inaugural speech gave the government back to the people. It can only be given back if we take it.

NEEDED 2 committee members and experienced treasurer for recall effort. Contact Eric Warren