Recall Raffensperger


There are still multiple cases pending in various courts regarding the November 3 election


(** UPDATE THIS RECALL EFFORT ACQUIESCED to Kemp Recall to not divide the effort. However, at this time I am unable to reach Kemp Recall. I will keep trying and request if you reach them please ask them to contact me. That recall effort was expecting help from the California recall which encouraged me to support that effort.)

This is an effort to recall Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, for mishandling the 2020 election, carrying election issues from 2016 until just recently referring them for prosecution, and removing public comments from the February State Board of Elections agenda.
We need signatures of registered voters in all 14 Georgia congressional districts. Due to voter registration drives, this will be a substantial number. There is a time limit for acquiring the signatures once a recall committee is established. Not enough signatures, not being registered voters, or not meeting the deadline will result in a failed attempted recall.
To make this effort successful we have to work together to have the appropriate number of signatures by the deadline. If you wish to sign a petition, circulate a petition, or are circulating a petition, please advise by contacting us. You can read more information here:

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