Ann Brumbaugh is the attorney currently advising the Cherokee County Board of Elections as of September 23, 2022. She has worked and spoken against citizens concerned about transparent elections. You will find elsewhere on this site where she misadvised the Board. Poor information is what she spreads to a board who is bound by law with consequences.

Others have taken note of her conduct.

I archived ann brumbaugh’s web site to memorialize her leftist opinions. You can navigate to the article on a non lawyers guide on voting rights. Its not really a guide, but an opinion piece that does not reflect a desire for or intent to guide any client to a transparent election.


In a court suit fighting SB 202, Coalition for Good Goverment, et. al. v. Raffensperger, et. al., a preliminary injunction has been issued allowing for voters photographing their voted ballot on the bmd in the voting booth. The order was signed August 20, 2021, but no change in pollworker training, or signage has been put in place.


According to this expert, no code is needed to hack a computer. No internet access is required. It can be done via the power wires. Computers are just 1’s and 0’s. 1 for on and 0 for off so I can see it being possible through the power lines. Very interesting at how many people are going to greater effort to sell us a bag of manure than to produce good products in good character.

Dominion Fails To Meet Voluntary Voting Guidelines

Dominion Voting fails to meet voluntary voting guidelines established by the Election Assistance Commission. Georgia law requires that voting systems be certified by EAC. This makes little sense since there is a lawsuit pending against the EAC for meeting with voting system manufacturers secretly and granting permission for internet access.

The Voluntary Voting Guidelines agree with Georgia law that voters should be able to read and verify their vote prior to casting, and yet EAC, which has approved the guidelines, has certified Dominion Democracy Suite and Imagecast X which encodes the actual vote into a QR code that is tabulated but that voters can not read.

Further it would appear despite having given secret permission for internet access, the Voluntary Voting Guidelines prohibit connection to an outside network.

The Georgia Dominion contract requires $1.5 million cyber insurance per occurrence as well as places responsibility for administering security in the hands of Dominion. (Pages 98 and 23)


Mr. Stark is or was on Election Assistance Commission. He is an elections system expert. He currently has a suit pending against the EAC for meeting with voting system companies secretly and giving them permission for internet access. To put that in perspective the contract with Dominion required one million dollars cyber insurance. I cant figure why Dominion would pay for and provide that if there was no internet risk.
Philip B. Stark | Distinguished Professor,  Department of Statistics University of California Berkeley, CA

Thank you, Mr. Stark.  I go to every board of elections meeting and most logic and accuracy testing. We did manage to get an audit but it did not even clear one precinct.  The more ballots that were counted the higher the error rate. I researched the equipment and law and determined that Dominion usurps functions required by law and especially manipulates adjudication.  I interviewed our elections supervisor and the elections IT person.  I perhaps in error concluded that my ballot and vote was subject to the least Dominion risk by voting absentee.  Now I am concerned how the central scanner on which absentee ballots are scanned treats where contests are left blank.  I seldom vote for an incumbent so I almost always leave some contests blank.  I am also concerned that there is no check prior to or monitoring of the systems while bmd and scanners are plugged in for unauthorized access.  I cant help what the state elections board, local elections board, or secretary of state does or doesnt do, but I do not have to give over my ballot to serve as a hiding place or tool for shenanigans. Thus I am experiencing voter suppression and manipulation by the people charged with preventing it. I have to figure what happens to a blank contest or ballot or if I can not determine a ballot like mine will be properly handled voting absentee I need to know how to receive credit for voting and prevent getting placed inactive and removed from voter rolls so I will be able to vote at the very first opportunity after somebody fixes this mess.  I am suspicious of why there would be a need to convert a vote into an unreadable QR code only to have to convert it for counting when that could be avoided if the program just read what voters mark. Thank you again. As I will be dilligently trying to figure if I can vote in November and how best to do that if you come across any information that may be helpful I would welcome it.   

Deborah Davis