If you have wondered as I have why the Republican Party has not stood for election integrity here is the answer. In 1982 the RNC was sued by DNC for election acts deemed as voter suppression. The RNC continues to advise party activists and employees pursuant to a consent decree even though the decree became null in 2017. Then there was the motor voter act which registered voters when they got a driver’s license. I believe this was wrong as law assigns the duty of voter registration to specific people and verifying voter eligibility from this merely adds to the job of the assigned people. Not registering voters when they get a license as long as they can register otherwise is not voter suppression. People can refuse to register at the time but this is another way of padding the voter rolls. Next the federal government gave the states money to computerize elections.

The lawsuit and consent order against the RNC were wrong. The RNC does not run elections. The government does. It would be up to the legislatures and election staff to run elections. The RNC had freedom of speech and freedom of association to address election issues to the legislatures but more importantly the right to petition for redress of grievances. While they had these rights they were also free to forfeit their rights and so they did. The ground ought to still be shaking from the court laughing at this suit. So election takeover has been in the works for years. 2020 was just the ripcord being pulled by the Democratic Party who neither desired to nor were capable of serving or leading absent malfeasance.



And why was she allowed to violate everybody’s right to a just election?  We could have rushed up emergency ballot orders and not been in this mess.  Then the legislature and secretary of state should have responded the normal way in getting rid of illegal voting equipment.  Problem solved.  To do otherwise somebody should have appealed the decision and moved for a stay to use dominion pending final judgement.  Here is the person responsible and who failed to do her job. She should be impeached. 


Link to view meeting video   once there scroll down to HLN where the time is 105:23 and click on that. (The link doesnt want to post correctly. I apologize. Any problems the link is https://vimeo.com/showcase/8988933

Below is my email to the board regarding the meeting:

Dear Boardmembers,

Yes. It is clear the investigator did not do complete investigations by not speaking with each of the electors to verify they gave their ballot to a household member to deposit. A legal voter being in a household does not entitle a ballot deposit and without the elector being interviewed there is no way to determine if the ballot was deposited legally.  Another stone that was left unturned was any financial gain from depositing the ballots. The time of the drop would be interesting as well as would geo tracking data if the depositor ever visited any of the stash houses.  In my estimation these investigations were manuevered to get the answers they wanted to get rather than all available information to consider facts. The investigator should be admonished for failing to do a proper investigation. 

It is further clear that board member Ghazal has a predetermined opinion of fraudulent vote claims. Without getting the stash house information regarding nonprofits she declared the claims of 2000 Mules to be false.  She said she watched the movie but displays not one iota of an inclination to get the facts.  I was hopeful from her prayer but those hopes were dashed. 

I was disappointed no move to see the information Mr. Quinn offered was made.  Thus it appears that this board prefers fact ignorance. 

The board and Secretary of State lawyers were bragged on.  When there is an allegation of a voting problem a thorough investigation that reveals whether or not the allegation is justified should render attorneys not needed.  A lawsuit subsequent to an allegation is a failure for the Secretary of State and the board. 

We need the 2000 Mules non profits associated with stash houses revealed immediately and if applicable any arrests to prevent felons from assuming elected office. 

My concern sent to the Secretary of State 11/11/2020 to which I have not received a response is unacceptable. Is there no evidence of fraud found simply because numerous concerns have been ignored?

Dominion is illegal. It should not have been selected and should be removed asap. Voters should not be expected to use illegal voting equipment. 

I have no confidence in the Secretary of State at all. He should have been prosecuted along with the Attorney General for violating oath of office in making the settlement with the Democratic Party of Georgia. 

When the chairman said it was a volunteer board I was tempted to volunteer to help them volunteer.  However, after viewing more of the meeting I think it best to remain removed and separate. One would think the Chairman having busted ballot harvesting ring in the past and having trained people on ballot harvest busting endeavors would have required to know financial information and investigation with each elector for whom a ballot was deposited to rule out all possibility of a ballot being illegally cast. 

I really wanted to believe that the State Election Board would make our elections fair and transparent. My confidence in that was diminished by viewing this meeting. I am supposed to work a poll in the primary but I am so discouraged I may decide not to participate.  

Deborah Davis