Dominion Fails To Meet Voluntary Voting Guidelines

Dominion Voting fails to meet voluntary voting guidelines established by the Election Assistance Commission. Georgia law requires that voting systems be certified by EAC. This makes little sense since there is a lawsuit pending against the EAC for meeting with voting system manufacturers secretly and granting permission for internet access.

The Voluntary Voting Guidelines agree with Georgia law that voters should be able to read and verify their vote prior to casting, and yet EAC, which has approved the guidelines, has certified Dominion Democracy Suite and Imagecast X which encodes the actual vote into a QR code that is tabulated but that voters can not read.

Further it would appear despite having given secret permission for internet access, the Voluntary Voting Guidelines prohibit connection to an outside network.

The Georgia Dominion contract requires $1.5 million cyber insurance per occurrence as well as places responsibility for administering security in the hands of Dominion. (Pages 98 and 23)

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