Safety In Numbers

To accomplish the goal of correcting election problems I endorse joining together as one voice. There will be rallies March 19 in Perry Ga and March 20 in Alpharetta. Fair elections are the undergirding of our republic. It is imperative that we be involved. Volunteer for pollworking/watching, contact elected officials, contribute, attend election board meetings. Of course sign recall petitions. As there is a certain number of registered voter signatures required within a time limit please sign and share petitions. Further info is available. See below.

Pallets Full of Balllots Rally is on March 19-20: AustinForman music,Joe Collins emcee,stories from Georgia poll observers & whistleblowers. For free! Event is biggest one of its kind on election integrity. It will educate the public.

Sponsored by Recall Kemp. is dedicated to stopping Kemp and Raff from stealing 2022 and to auditing 2020!

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