Step Up

I cant wait for midterm elections! I will be a poll worker/watcher and I encourage everybody to. If we had all been as involved before now as we should have been I believe things would be different. I have read Georgia election law prior to the recent law passed and was pleasantly surprised. The law addresses every aspect of administrating an election. The law keeps local people in charge of elections. Dominion voting systems are illegal in Georgia because the counted vote is hidden in a QR code that the voter can not verify. In attending the Cherokee Board of Elections meeting Monday it appears Dominion takes over administration of the election and continually charges for this service like a leech. Dominion administration of an election is contrary to law and needs to be stopped and elections returned to local people. Local people need to step up and get involved. The next Cherokee County Board of Elections meeting is 9:30 a.m. May 3 at the Elections office on Marietta Highway. The next State Board of Elections meeting is virtual April 28 9 a. The link to register can be found at
Please participate to correct and restore our republic for our grandchildren.

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