Questions for Candidate Running For Secretary of State, David Belleisle

My email to David Belleisle who has announced his candidacy for Secretary of State:

I would love to be able to support you. If I donate through your campaign site does any of the money go to the Republican Party? I do not wish to support the party anymore because they did not support Trump. The party should have fought for election integrity. Parties divide making the electorate the victim of the division.

Are you aware by Georgia law that Dominion voting systems are illegal? Same thing in Arizona. Will you get rid of Dominion? It should be ended before the next election. I am advised that even a QR code reader cant read the vote only Dominion can read it. The paper ballot is only a print command and not what vote actually will tally as. In reading election law I was pleasantly surprised at all the procedures and safeguards in place to keep elections in the hands of local people. That is as it should be but Dominion takes over the election.

Raffensperger should be recalled for selecting a system contrary to Georgia law and his oath of office.
I anxiously await your response.
Deborah Davis

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