I find that I accomplish goals better if I put them on a list. Stopping the runaway election fraud train is not the only thing we need to do to better our world for our grandchildren. Know of something needs to be done or stopped? You can put it on list by commenting here. This will be a long-term effort.

The current list is
Dominion voting systems need to be removed from use in Georgia
We need statewide marriage and divorce registry. As it is now to check for a marriage or divorce it is necessary to check in each county.

We need to be able to recall elected officials easier
We need to go back to elected school superintendents.
We need elected officials to have insurance or a bond to cover malfeasance
We need to take the word incumbent off the ballots
All insurance except automobile has to give a minimum 30 days notice of cancellation.

Property insurers may not cancel insurance when the insured property is in an estate of a deceased insured unless premiums fail to be paid.

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