Nobody can be everywhere so we need everybody somewhere.

I got so angry about the 2020 election. I wanted immediate and lasting justice. Unfortunately the situation requires long-term commitment and constant sweeping of the residual dirt. I hoped Trump would be able to exact correction on the perpetrators. Regardless of money and power, Trump is one man, easily neutralized. The people must be responsible for the power we have. If we get neutralized the target may be destroyed but so is the source of power. After the election I repented of my previous apathy and determined to do what I can. I thought I had been doing good to just vote regularly on the issues bulleted by media. I started attending election board meetings. I purchased and read election law. Most everything about elections is spelled out exactly and clearly in the law. You can read it. Title 21 O.C.G.A. The problem is that elections dont occur for 6 months every 2 years. For you to be able to vote a great many people have been working constantly and wont be finished when the votes are counted. The Cherokee County Election Board meets the first Monday of every month unless a meeting has to be changed. You can find meeting information on their web site. Last meeting there were nine attendees, up from the two when I first went. The meetings are open to the public. Until you observe real people benefitting you with their time and effort consistently you can not fully comprehend all that is required for you to have an opportunity to vote. Even lawmakers who pass laws that must be carried out by the election board have little understanding of what they are attempting to address. It takes being in the turning gears of the machinery and looking into the nooks and crannies.

I wanted fast correction. It cant happen fast, it can only start. I have attended political schools and events and taken classes. I have learned that our founding fathers got it right when they took human failures into account in setting up our government. We have to keep human nature in mind in our expectations and have to offer ourselves up as rumble strips to keep our leaders in the proper roadway. Everybody wants a winner. Dont give in to a manufactured winner. Check out candidates to the best of your ability. Promote those who will be best for the preservation of our rights and structure of our country. Be there. Be the set of eyes observing whatever goes on. Nobody can be everywhere so we need everybody somewhere. The politicians cant do it all. Do your part.

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