I did not learn anything new at the “election integrity” town hall last night. I guess you have to kiss a few frogs to get to the prince. There were only about 20 people there. Many are discouraged. The good news is now we are awakened to what is going on and how little those who would cheat value our vote. The other good news is that having cheated, the cheaters have no way of knowing what their base is. Unless they kept very good cheating records they will have no roadmap for where they need to work next time. If they kept good records that’s evidence. More good news is now we see the need to be more active in who gets in office. Now we know we have to work to protect our republic. We have to outwork them by employing their own methods against them. If they repeat a cheating attempt we need to have eyes on them and catch them. We cant all do everything but we can all do something. This is a permanent war not a skirmish. Dig in, hunker down, and keep working.

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