You have to participate to have standing to file suit or complaint. They stole it dont let them have it. Double down. Volunteer to work polls or poll watch. Now we truly know how bad it is. Before we didnt. Every time I vote from the rest of my life I have been told I can have the poll manager get the serial numbers off any machine used in my vote at the time of my vote so that I can be specific in any filings that may be necessary or done. I will get those numbers every time. I have 3 grandsons that I want to leave in a free republic. To that end I have volunteered for poll work, taken a Constitution course, attended 2 political leadership schools, attend monthly election board meetings, am preparing a campaign management school to get good people elected, have filed and am filing foia requests to get truth, attended court hearings, joined the Constitution party and attend their meetings, am considering running for office myself and anything else I can do to preserve the republic for my grandsons. Its not right to always expect someone else to do it. I had to repent after the 2020 election for thinking just voting was enough. I am now purposed that I will do what I can. The only reason this was attempted because we werent expecting or looking. Now we are no longer blind and ignorant. It is a disappointing situation but we still have choices. We have to make choices to thwart misdeeds of evil. I encourage you and everyone to get in the fight.

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