Short answer: they don’t. Ethics is a foreign language to most Georgia legislators. Meanwhile pending is House Bill 333 to make changes to the Ethics and Transparency Commission relating to election campaign funds. The bill is so convoluted it itself violates common sense. I challenge anyone to understand it. Most bills make references to other laws and this bill makes special use of that totally hiding ethics while making it quite transparent Georgia is having the wool pulled over their eyes. We need to get rid of EVERY incumbent in office and the legislature. If they have been in office with the exception of a very few they are the problem. Call your legislators to see if it does any good to tell them to vote no on HB333. Its just too bad we can’t stop them from passing anything until they do have ethics. You can read the bill by clicking below.

You can look up any Georgia legislation status at this link. https://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/all

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