It never ceases to put me in awe when I work or watch a poll. If you are or ever have been an elected official, you owe a debt. If you are a legislator and consider legislating anything about elections without having trained and worked a poll, you are not prepared to do your job and can not truly appreciate having that position. While pollwatching yesterday Oak Ridge Boys This Is America started playing in my head watching the varying people coming to vote. Old, young, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, various origins, beautiful, ugly, lame, hindered, rich, poor, smart and not so much.  We dont like these machines, but when you stand in a voting booth you are never more equal than there. Whatever your status, whatever voting method that counts, you stand with your vote the same as the one next to you or before or after you. The voting booth recognizes only a vote.

One lady walked in with a cane bent over and after sitting to rest while waiting for check in at the poll pad, she had difficulty getting up out of the chair.  One lady was pushed in in a wheel chair.  There were several canes and hindrances. Some went to great difficulty to come cast their ballot on the disliked and untrusted machines. We owe getting this mess straightened out to those who would go to such trouble.  Any person, company, official that would diminish and not protect their vote is not deserving of the benefits of America.  All these different faces are America, each one a piece of the whole.  To have elections even under the best circumstances requires two sides: the voters and the doers.  In stressful times its even harder to get the job done.  One of the workers said the been doing this for a week.  I cant imagine.  When I worked a poll I had to be there at 5:45 a.m.until after 7 or all voters in line voted and the closing poll duties were done. Many people have time and energy invested in whatever elections take place.  It is a shame to waste their efforts on shoddy, unfair equipment or procedures.  We are the best country. We deserve to have the best elections.  I won’t give up, I won’t give in.  You don’t either. Even if you don’t like politics (and I don’t), even if you can’t vote this election, register for next time. Volunteer to work a poll or poll watch. Work on a campaign. Carry your part of America safely and freely to the next generation of the greatest country in the world.

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