The Question of Paper Ballots in Georgia Part 3

Finally perhaps part of the problem has been discovered in ballot harvesting which is illegal under Georgia law. The ballots placed in drop boxes are counted on Dominion systems without even the pretension of advising the voter for whom they voted. We need people who destroyed evidence of ballot harvesting arrested whether they were the man on the street or the man sitting in the capitol.

Much ado was created last year due to changes in Georgia voting laws. Truth be told Georgia already had laws which when followed could have produced fair and equitable elections. I was pleasantly surprised upon discovering how actions regarding the vote were prescribed by law in detail. There are corrections that need to be made regarding ballot access but the actual vote is well protected in law.

The problem is that Dominion requires Dominion administration of the election. It requires that counties maintain a contract with Dominion every election for their services as long as the system is used. With Dominion interjected, laws and the election process are usurped. This is another reason Dominion is illegal in addition to printing a print command instead of allowing the voter to verify their vote will count as cast. Any system which in any way interferes with the prescribed parties complying with prescribed laws can not be used. At this point those who should be giving Dominion the boot opine they can’t because of the amount of money that was paid for Dominion. And thus those who could correct the problem by action and holding responsible parties accountable become parties to breaking law they have sworn to uphold. To do something illegal cannot be contracted nor enforced. Therefore, Georgia needs to call for Dominion contract to be nullified and the parties put back as close as possible as they were before the non enforceable contract was made.

Our voting system truly is the portion of our government that is in the hands of the people. We need to have our hands in it. Sitting back and remaining free is not an option.


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