The Question of Paper Ballots In Georgia Part 4

It seems no opportunity to tilt the 2020 election was overlooked. We had ballot harvesting in ballot boxes. Said ballot boxes may or may not have been monitored properly and now not all monitoring records are available. Said ballot boxes used for ballot harvesting were provided by or paid for by a particular group. The provision of the boxes and their use for ballot harvesting are not independent of each other. Ballots could just as easily been returned through mail and should have the same handling procedures regardless of how they were submitted. One has to wonder why the money for the ballot boxes wasn’t used for postage instead. If ballots can be placed in a box outside a polling place they can be taken in and handed to a person or stamped.

We had an illegal voting system the manufacturers of which had sneaked to obtain permission for internet access. One has to wonder why they would want or seek internet access subjecting their own equipment to hacking, deconstructing, and copying. It would seem Dominion is at the very least unscrupulous in under reporting their sales and locations where they have a presence.

Perhaps this is some light shed on why manufacturers would seek internet access :

By all accounts that I can find it was Governor Kemp that signed the contract for Dominion and not the Secretary of State. Selecting a voting system is in the authority of the Secretary of State. Governor Kemp allegedly made the contract after meeting with China. I am trying to verify who signed the contract.

The contract provided pursuant to an open records request has neither Raffensperger or Kemp signing for the state only having the Dominion signature.

We had a deal between Democrats and the Secretary of State changing ballot handling without the due process of being done by the legislature. The legislature ought to be fighting mad at the Secretary of State AND the Attorney General since the Attorney General’s name was also on the deal. While the State Board of Elections may make rules, when something has been prescribed by the legislature they are obligated to abide by it.

Apparently some municipalities still use paper ballots per O.C.G.A. 22-2-321 and have the option to use paper ballots or voting machines.

O.C.G.A. 21-2-320 gives municipal authorities power to authorize use of voting machines.

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