Trust Issues

Below is my email to Senator Thompson and several others.

Dear Senator Thompson,

It was with great interest that I read your article “Trust Issues” in the March issue of Canton Family life.  You make mention of scripture and related situations. That brings to mind Revelation 2:4

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. I do have somewhat against the legislature.  It would seem for sometime the legislature has not been trustworthy. 

1. The legislature has failed to rein in a runaway Secretary of State who without bid purchased a system contrary to law.  I can not read QR codes therefore I can not verify that my vote will be accurately counted.  Same SOS procurement requirements called for $15 million cyber insurance and that the system comply with Title 21. I already do not know how much of my information has been made available or to whom through the possibility of hacking Dominion.  I should not have to risk my information to vote. Now the SOS wants to shirk his duties again by letting a third party maintain voter registration. We have people working for the state.  If they can not or will not do their job they need to be replaced with people who can and will. 

2. Back in 2018 HB 987 passed allowing school zone cameras to control speeding. The process is intimidating and violative of several rights guaranteed by the Georgia and US Constitutions. I am really hoping the legislature was smarter than to pass this except it was put through because the Speaker’s son lobbied for the camera vendor. Trustworthiness of the legislature would have involved ethics complaints. Failure to pay the coerced $75 initial fine results in tags not being renewed and not even being able to sell the vehicle by title transfer to have money for Uber for other transportation. For $75 people’s vehicles are effectively seized, not allowing transportation to work, medical and necessities.  This is unconscienable. This would be better applied against the street racers in Atlanta.

3. Our voting laws were good before 2021 except the two major parties promote voter suppression by excessive requirements on other parties and candidates to prevent ballot access I assume to maintain control. 

4. I have found that some law online  through Lexis Nexis provided via the legislature web site has not been updated to agree with updates. Specifically I found bonds to be handled by the Comptroller General with them being put in the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance but a wild goose chase has resulted in being advised that the Comptroller General is actually in the State Accounting Office. Transparency requires citizen access to Shepard’s Citations and updated code. 

There are many more problems that the legislature needs to address. Citizens, myself included, are generally ignored hence the mess under the gold dome.  The dome would more appropriately be coated in lead as what emanates from it is hard to be born.  I believe trustworthiness grows near common sense.  No, based on the foregoing and what is yet to be discovered we can not trust our legislature or parts thereof in any capacity which is the irony of your article. 

Deborah Davis

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