I finally got in to see the logic and accuracy testing of the voting machines. I am glad I already had  pollworker training. While I was observing there was one machine that the poll was not closed on before it was powered off and unplugged. This required the extra step of going in and closing the poll before the testing could be done on it. All 3 ballots are voted one at a time on each ballot marking device a precinct at a time. The scanner is also tested. Absentee ballots are scanned on a separate scanner that reads hand marks. It reads 500 ballots a minute.  I was hoping that this would be a way to bypass Dominion, but that scanner is also Dominion though it is not a QR code reading scanner. It is on a closed network to which it sends the totals for incorporation into the election totals.  Thus voting absentee would be a way to copy your ballot for use if needed and would omit the suspicious QR code. 

Allowing absentee voting on paper ballots read with a scanner of this type but not Dominion would be the easiest way to ditch Dominion. With over 200,000 registered voters in Cherokee County it would take almost 7 hours to get the totals by scanning on the one scanner.  There would still need to be a network connection.  If voters scanned in their own ballot at the poll there would not be the delay but security of the physical ballots might become an issue. Voter scanning their own ballot at the poll would require a larger network for totalling.  So it appears that at this time we can not completely avoid Dominion.  We can vote absentee and keep a copy and have Dominion only read our hand made marks omitting the QR code.  Right now law requires we be able to verify our vote and since I do not have a QR code reader in my head and the QR code is proprietary unreadable except by Dominion, to verify our vote this is our only choice.  To use the hand mark scanner logic and accuracy testing of the bmd’s would not be necessary. 

We are fortunate in Cherokee County to have Bradley in charge of the IT part of the election.  It is my understanding due to his ability to administer the machines, Dominion techs are not required in Cherokee County at each election.  I have some more questions for Bradley regarding updates, passwords, and checks for unauthorized access. This ought to be the case in every county.  We need to administer our elections ourselves start to finish. 

Our legislators need to take pollworker training and observe logic and accuracy testing.  Legislators cant know all situations but elections is one area in which they can gain knowledge of what they are legislating and requiring of others.  This ought to be required of legislators. Let me know if you have any questions.

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