Cherokee County July 6 Audit

I may have misunderstood what auditing would be done. I did not relate the random precincts pick to the races named. Could be though the way it was written. I have posted the relevant portion of the notice above. With just 4 random precincts auditing 2 races and Oak Grove advance voting being all that was audited that is not much of an audit. Granted there were 40 races and 1000 ballots in Oak Grove and 40000 total votes, the audit only verifies 5 scanners out of 43 counting the central scanner and possibly 50 ballot marking devices out of approximately 420, assuming all ballot markers in each precinct got used. The goal was to verify the ballot marking devices were imbedding the voters’ choices in the tabulated QR code. Random in 4 precincts may be a fair way of choosing but it is not going to reveal a systemic problem with voters’ votes being correctly translated for tabulation. I am not aware of any audit on absentee ballots to determine if those were tabulated correctly. The ballot marking risk is removed from absentee ballots but given all that we know about Dominion error possibility, every portion of the system must be verified.

I felt like I was sitting in Fort Knox in the audit room with the true treasure of our constitutional republic- the ballots. There were 5 audit boards of two people each. Noting the unsealing and resealing of the containers protected the chain of custody. In the 4 random precincts selected each audit board appeared to be separating ballots by party ballot then noting the votes on a tally sheet. All the ballots would be counted by one auditor then passed to the second auditor for a second count and adding to their tally sheet. Both auditors had to sign off on their tally sheet and complete the chain of custody forms. Once the 4 random precincts were finished they were given a portion of the Oak Grove advance voting ballots. Following the same procedure as above, each handling of the ballots once for each race. It was going to be an all day thing.

Once again it was my experience that our elections office ran like a well-oiled machine. They all work good together and seem to enjoy their job. I don’t think any of them would take kindly to any malfeasance. The audit board teams were pollworkers experienced in election amd ballot procedures. They seemed to work well together also. Having said that, it is normal for people so close to something to become blind to situations that could be problematic or need attention. All the election workers and pollworkers are regular people like you and me. Most of them are older but there were some younger at the poll I worked. It may take hearing parents and grandparents tell about WWII and how Hitler was “elected” only to decimate the country he promised to lead and much of the world to understand the need for clean elections. It may take having lived in fear as a child of Kruschev attacking and missles aimed at us in Cuba in 1963 as I did coupled with true and accurate history of our country to value the opportunity to participate in our government. Elections are a means to protect what others have fought and died to get and preserve. This is where regular people can act. It is probably the last vestage of citizen involvement in our country.

When I first read the election code (O.C.G.A. Title 21) I was pleasantly surprised that all areas of an election were covered with instructions as to who would do what and how it was to be done. Unfortunately Dominion changes some things done and thus prevents compliance with law. One of the requirements of the contract for Dominion with the Secretary of State was that it had to comply with law. Since Dominion, without authority to do so, changes how some things are done Dominion fails to meet the contract as well as hides votes to be tallied in a QR code. There is no need for a QR code. To do that Dominion had to add an entire layer to their voting system. They had to write code to create the QR code then they had to write code to read it. Why?

Given that Dominion breached the contract to comply with law and has obliterated confidence in our elections, and has to be veriified adding to the cost of using the system, our legislature should declare the contract breached and place Dominion on the fastest truck across the state line. All we need are the ballots and an off the shelf scanner in each precinct that can read the ballots. Almost all schools have Scantron equipment. As most tests can be written to be read by Scantron, I would venture a guess that its not that difficult to create items to be scanned. Paper ballots can be used at the direction of the state election board or local election boards. I am still studying that county commissions can order paper ballots to be used. We need to have state or county workers maintain voter rolls. We need to quit farming out election duties and become sovereign in our own elections again. We need elections dutes with no duplication and be able to quickly and easily hold someone accountable for misdeeds. No passing the buck.

This problem can be solved. Boards and elected officials that hinder getting rid of Dominion are saying they prefer to keep the power they fein to possess via Dominion. In a 40 year old case, Duncan v. Poythress, the court reiterated, . . . . `No right is more precious in a free country than that of having a voice in the election of those who make the laws under which, as good citizens, we must live. Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.’ Duncan v. Poythress,
No. 81-7363 United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. Unit B 657 F.2d 691 (5th Cir. 1981) Decided Nov 13, 1981

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