Please find court filings in Curling v. Raffensperger below.

I don’t think Dominion is in the election equipment business, but instead in the election stealing business. In all my study of it, at least one state required changes.  Other states ascertained the potential and advised Dominion and did not purchase Dominion. Dominion has had 21 months since the judgement in this case and still their only action has been to deny the situation which is indicative of their goal to sell selections rather than elections. Mr. Haldeman if my memory serves me correctly was included in the movie Kill Chain (Vudu$2.99) as an expert. Kill Chain depicted several ways elections could be stolen, one of which was the machine voting systems. It has been revealed that Dropbox and fake voting malfeasance is effective in election outcomes. The other means depicted in Kill Chain was through voter roll manipulation and equipment hacking. 

So what do we need? We need to have the state election board direct the use of paper ballots henceforth with off the shelf scanners or adapt ballots for use with Scantron scanners. In the alternate local boards of elections need to implement the use of paper ballots for the interim until effective election protection acts are required. We need a constitutional amendment that only paper ballots can be used in Georgia elections. We are better off not throwing good money after bad to continue trying to use Dominion.  In the agreement to purchase Dominion one of the specific requirements was that Dominion comply with Title 21 of Georgia code. As voters can not determine how their vote will be counted being hidden in a QR code, Dominion does not comply with law. Further, Dominion interferes with election procedures in not allowing persons required by law to perform certain acts in compliance with law.  In the Dominion agreement cyber insurance was required which is a dependable admission that the system was subject to cyber interference and that the Secretary of State and Dominion knew it.  In the Dominion contract there was a clause that allowed for a return and refund if the Dominion should be found unsatisfactory. Unfortunately that opportunity to prevent great loss ended December 30, 2020. From November 3, 2020 until present the Secretary of State has denied the culpability of Dominion rather than persue the protection of the contract. It would seem that responsibility for the cost of the system and failure to exercise the protection of the contract falls squarely on the Secretary of State. 

 We need an investigation of every aspect of the Secretary’s actions and communications to move toward holding him accountable to the citizens of Georgia. With a personal opinion he has violated his oath of office and not properly administered the duties with which he was charged, I urge those who should to do exactly that. That being the case, the citizens of Georgia have the right to see him prosecuted and removed from office.  It is the duty of the Attorney General, Governor, legislature, state election board and county elections boards to do so, even though some of those named have also failed to properly administer their duties.  

We need a constitutional amendment that allows the legislature to call for a special session absent the governor and speaker doing so. The legislature ought never be hindered from addressing the concerns of the people of Georgia. 

We now stand with knowledge gained through great difficulty and disappointment. With the  knowledge and ability to perform reparations in the situation, failure to do so renders those who fail to do so with equal culpability.  It is long past time to choose sides.

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