Recall Law

If you would read O.C.G.A. 21 re recalls and let me know your ideas. I would like to get everybody working on things in a zoom meeting and consolidate efforts. You have to jump through some hoops to read ocga online. Start here at sos web site just to validate then click on link provided then title 21 then recalls   Thanks


Dominion Fraud

My email to Dominion Voting:

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 21-2-300 (a)(2) “such electronic ballot markers shall produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector.” My ballot in the runoff had my choice printed but there was also a QR code I have no idea what it said. Further per O.C.G.A. 21-2-322 (8) “It shall permit each elector to change his or her vote for any candidate or upon any question appearing on the ballot labels up to the time he or she begins to register his or her vote or indicates or expresses his or her intention to register his or her vote.” If a voter can’t read a QR code they lose the option of changing their vote as required by law. Then there is the matter of write in votes. I can understand how selected options can go into a QR code but I seriously doubt write in votes can be put into a QR code from individual handwriting as required by law. Fact is Dominion systems are illegal in Georgia by law. Note to Dominion: if you are going to endeavor to produce something governed by law reading, knowing, and complying with the governing law is job one. Perhaps we should sue Dominion for fraud in selling an illegal voting system to Georgia.

Learn To Do Well

Isaiah 1:17

I have been reading ocga title 21 re elections. As I understand it ballots are to be counted locally. Great lengths were gone to to describe paper ballots, scanners, counters and direct electronic counters. I see no authorization for transportation of votes via internet or counting other than locally. All machines are to be secured and checked after every election. There is no authorization to send the votes anywhere to be counted by internet. Printed ballots have to be able to be read by the elector and I cant read QR codes on my printed ballot. And the QR code is what is read by Dominion is my understanding. I am still studying on recalls.