February 16, 2021 Help Needed We Can’t Not Do This

Many are upset about the 2020 election. We can’t just get upset and walk away. Without preservation of a fair and free election our republic is taken from us. Our secretary of state made an illegal deal with democrats in March 2020 regarding signature checks and acceptance of absentee balance past the legal deadline. Our Georgia constitution requires that our legislature writes law so the secretary of state was without authority to make this agreement even though our illustrious attorney general signed on it too. Then the New Georgia Project also sued the secretary of state and he fought in court to keep from doing for them what he already agreed to do for the democratic party. There was an injunction at the time of the election. I am going to inquire further about what procedures were in place for the election. The real aggregious act to my way of thinking was to make our voter information which includes our address, social security number, drivers license number as well as our signature accessible to Dominion. The entire state uses Dominion so everybody was placed at risk. All the while our secretary of state lauded he had secured the vote.

To recall by law is nearly impossible to do. I don’t think that was accident. It was to let us think we can without it really being possible. Trying to make us go away.

So what do we do? We need many people to commit to getting registered voter signatures on a petition. i dont know how many commitments it would take or what the goal of each should be to get the required numbet of signatures. But lets start. I will be posting particulars about petitions soon and will be happy to host a zoom meeting for anyone interested. Your coworkers, church people, friends and family probably would not be happy about their information and vote being compromised. Lets just start. My name is Deborah Davis and I approve this message.