Dominion Has To Go

The election was illegal on illegal machines. Dominion producing the qr code that voters cant verify and is what is counted is illegal. Dominion is for the sole purpose of rigging elections. To check ballots they would need to verify the qr code against what the print command says. We have to get rid of Dominion because it is illegal and kemp and raffy for buying and using an illegal voting system. I wonder what the prison sentence is for using an illegal voting system.

Ballot Hearing March 11, 2021

This is link to case records.

Today’s hearing was once again Cheryl Ringer stalling. Delays in turning over ballots shows consciousness of guilt. I would be willing to bet phone records would show contact between Ms. Ringer and Stacey Abrams.

This is link to previous hearing in which Ms. Ringer stalled.

To Georgia Senate regarding Election

My email to Georgia Senate re election law:

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 21-2-300 (a) (2) electronic ballot markers must produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector. The current system in use prints a ballot with text which an elector can read but also a QR code which is the part read by Dominion. Electors can not read the QR code which is actually counted by Dominion and thus Dominion is illegal for use in Georgia elections.  Also required is the ability of a voter to change their vote which can not be done if the elector can not read the QR code to know what it says or to know if it was properly changed.   Dominion was always illegal in Georgia for these reasons and should not have been purchased ab initio. The Secretary of State had a duty to uphold Georgia law and in not doing so they have violated their oath of office.  There needs to be a consequence for violating oath. I have and am still studying O.C.G.A. 21 Elections.  All that is called for as I understand it is a ballot marker and a tabulator. A middle process of converting vote to an elector unreadable QR code is not authorized.  I am no IT expert but I am sure printing text while hiding votes in a QR code is simply a print command to print certain text. In studying the current law I am comfortable that if current law is followed current law allows for a fair election kept in the hands of local people for counting and reporting. There are safeguards in place that appear to be protective of elections all that is needed.   The problem seems to be people following the law. I find no authority to transfer votes for counting by internet. I am perturbed that access to my voting information including my address, social security number and driver license number was given to any entity outside my election and secretary of state offices. Constitution party and VOTERGA is working dilligently to correct voting issues. I support their efforts but disagree that we need to have ballot images online.  We just need ballots, counters, and people acting properly. There is no use making the cure worse than the disease. I was told by my election office that I could not photograph my ballot. We are supposed to be secure in our persons and papers and my ballot is my paper so I should be able to photograph or copy it for myself.  When I early voted Oct 14 we were told there had been an earlier bandwidth problem is why the line was so long. That means internet. That means exposed data.  I saw two men one had a gun under his coat checking the box and the voting area. I expect the bandwidth problem was some hacking. My election office told me it was a state issue. Something happened. Votes werent even to be counted that day.  I would caution against big changes in the current system except to get rid of Dominion and holding those who purchased Dominion contrary to law accountable. We must get rid of Dominion. The only.purpose of Dominion is to manipulate elections. When I registered to vote I did not consent to making my information available or having my vote sent all over the world for counting or manipulation. I would urge that all aspects of current voting law be performed in the way prescribed by law. The safeguards are numerous and should be utilized. With an upcoming election time is of the essence in getting rid of Dominion and replacing it with a lawful system. I am including below info provided by Constitution party as there are concerns that need to be addressed but with encouragement to quicklly change what needs to be changed and moving slowly to change what is already law that should work if performed properly, bearing in mind the recent passage of the federal assumption of voting laws. I do heartily support and believe that any correction must include a thorough investigation into all allegations and what caused problems in the 2020 election. It would be foolish to fix something we dont know where it is broken.
Deborah Davis

In December the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee and House Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Ligon and Rep. Blackmon respectively, collected a devastating array of facts and evidence indicating election fraud in the November 3rd election. For example:

1. At least four sworn affidavits from 20-year poll managers indicate they handled counterfeit ballots in the November 14th and 15th Fulton County hand count audit. The potential numbers of these counterfeit ballots scale to the tens of thousands based on the samples they personally witnessed.

2. There is concrete visual evidence from the State Farm Arena videos of illegal scanning, rescanning and hiding of ballots processed during the November 3rd election.

I approve of the committee’s efforts to address voter fraud.  However, you must vote YEA to the HB 531 sunshine amendments from VOTER-GA for election transparency prior to the certification of an election to assure me and my neighbors that election fraud won’t happen again:

* Make ballots and ballot images publicly available (per 2019 VOTER-GA SAFE Voting Commission recommendations).
* Make election management system images publicly available by allowing any ten electors to request an image from a county elections director for independent forensic exams.

In addition, Section 26 of the bill that prohibits the Secretary of State from extending certification deadlines to allow for a hand count audit must be removed.  This type of audit is critical to ensure the accuracy of the Dominion voting system and would justify an extension if needed.

I will be watching the committee’s deliberations closely and will communicate to my concerned neighbors whether or not the committee takes action to deal with election fraud by amending HB 531.

Intelligence Is What We Need

I had one of the best sixth grade history teachers in Mrs. Dorothy Pobst. She made the Revolutionary war come so alive that when I was driving through Virginia twenty years later I could almost see patriots on their mounts meandering amongst the fields and trees. It is the encouraged regard and esteem of my country stemming from the actions and sacrifices of colonial citizens that so enrages me at the loss of election integrity.

We will have to beat those who would undo the foundation of our republic at their own game. With all our gadgets and available information can we match the effort, willingness, and cunning of the original patriots? I think so. After all we are Americans. We just need to realize the stakes and tilt the board to preserve the republic.


Safety In Numbers

To accomplish the goal of correcting election problems I endorse joining together as one voice. There will be rallies March 19 in Perry Ga and March 20 in Alpharetta. Fair elections are the undergirding of our republic. It is imperative that we be involved. Volunteer for pollworking/watching, contact elected officials, contribute, attend election board meetings. Of course sign recall petitions. As there is a certain number of registered voter signatures required within a time limit please sign and share petitions. Further info is available. See below.

Pallets Full of Balllots Rally is on March 19-20: AustinForman music,Joe Collins emcee,stories from Georgia poll observers & whistleblowers. For free! Event is biggest one of its kind on election integrity. It will educate the public.

Sponsored by Recall Kemp. is dedicated to stopping Kemp and Raff from stealing 2022 and to auditing 2020!

Recall Law

If you would read O.C.G.A. 21 re recalls and let me know your ideas. I would like to get everybody working on things in a zoom meeting and consolidate efforts. You have to jump through some hoops to read ocga online. Start here at sos web site just to validate then click on link provided then title 21 then recalls   Thanks


Dominion Fraud

My email to Dominion Voting:

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 21-2-300 (a)(2) “such electronic ballot markers shall produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector.” My ballot in the runoff had my choice printed but there was also a QR code I have no idea what it said. Further per O.C.G.A. 21-2-322 (8) “It shall permit each elector to change his or her vote for any candidate or upon any question appearing on the ballot labels up to the time he or she begins to register his or her vote or indicates or expresses his or her intention to register his or her vote.” If a voter can’t read a QR code they lose the option of changing their vote as required by law. Then there is the matter of write in votes. I can understand how selected options can go into a QR code but I seriously doubt write in votes can be put into a QR code from individual handwriting as required by law. Fact is Dominion systems are illegal in Georgia by law. Note to Dominion: if you are going to endeavor to produce something governed by law reading, knowing, and complying with the governing law is job one. Perhaps we should sue Dominion for fraud in selling an illegal voting system to Georgia.