Be careful who you associate with and endorse

Please be careful who you associate with and endorse regarding elections. I saw something regarding Greater Georgia incorporated as Greater Georgia Action, Inc. No officers were listed on Secretary of State web site. Their web site was rather vague. Turns out Kelly Loeffler is behind it. Loeffler made little challenge to a stolen election and availed herself of a runoff on illegal voting system. She stood next to Donald Trump at Dalton Georgia rally January 4 accepting his endorsement then failed to uphold the Constitition to challenge the electoral vote being influenced by the planned manipulation to stop a constitutional process. I asked for a refund of my contribution to Loeffler made before she showed her true colors. She has not responded. Remember she was appointed by Kemp who is reported to have endorsed the illegal voting system and deals with Stacey Abrams. Do your research.


I find that I accomplish goals better if I put them on a list. Stopping the runaway election fraud train is not the only thing we need to do to better our world for our grandchildren. Know of something needs to be done or stopped? You can put it on list by commenting here. This will be a long-term effort.

The current list is
Dominion voting systems need to be removed from use in Georgia
We need statewide marriage and divorce registry. As it is now to check for a marriage or divorce it is necessary to check in each county.

We need to be able to recall elected officials easier
We need to go back to elected school superintendents.
We need elected officials to have insurance or a bond to cover malfeasance
We need to take the word incumbent off the ballots
All insurance except automobile has to give a minimum 30 days notice of cancellation.

Property insurers may not cancel insurance when the insured property is in an estate of a deceased insured unless premiums fail to be paid.


We need county property deed recording agency to send notice to address listed on property tax bill when a property is reported sold and 30 days allowed to confirm sale or report fraud
Issuers of death certificates shal notify county of voter registration a deceased is no longer eligible to vote.